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A graceful masterpiece, a brilliant new lifestyle experience,
a true embodiment of boutique living.


The Beechams Building was constructed in 1887, by H.V. Krolow, architect for Thomas Beecham, which was the home to the global success Beechams Pills, now widely known as Beechams Cold & Flu.


The brand eventually became part of the global conglomerate GlaxoSmithKline. The building was then sold to St Helens College and formed the University campus having being altered and extended in 2000s.


Residences to rent, free from compromise and hidden surprises.

Nicholson Group are the proud custodian of the most iconic building in St Helens.

This beautiful piece of architect is steeped in history boasting intrinsic details internally and externally.

The group is undertaking a meticilous conversion creating some of the most sought after apartments in the North West rediscovering forgotten features, preserving the past whilst shaping the future.

This architectural masterpiece is being repurposed to provide 18 modern residences, now known as Nicholson Residences.

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